Exterior Cement Stucco

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Exterior Cement Stucco
in Edison NJ

Are you looking for cement stucco installation or repair services in Edison, NJ? We provide stucco services for all kinds of stucco across Edison, NJ. We are a licensed company for stucco installation and repairs.

Traditional stucco or cement stucco is made by mixing cement, sand and lime in specific compositions for highly durable materials that require little to no maintenance.

Why Cement Stucco?

Cement stucco gives a beautiful finish to the exterior walls of your house. It can be textured in different ways to give it a variety of finished effects that look beautiful on your house. Cement stucco is often preferred by homeowners than wooden siding as it is more preferred by insurance companies than any other exterior building material.

Cement stucco is resistant to water, rotting and subsequent molding unlike any other type of external wall coatings.

Cement stucco provides resistance against fire and that’s why insurance companies will lower your insurance premium if you have stucco installed at homes. Make sure to contact your insurance company to know more.

Cement stucco is also energy efficient as it provides good insulation to your house.

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How Is Cement Stucco Installed?

Installing cement stucco is not an easy feat and it should only be done by trained professionals. The first step in installing cement stucco is to nail building paper over the wall you want to install stucco to. Only galvanized nails should be used which will not rust with time. Install the papers making sure that they overlap at least 6 inches at the vertical seams. 

The next step is to install galvanized lath or netting over the building paper. Mixed stucco mixture with water. This stucco mixture should be mixed with a certain proportion, wrong of proportion will give poor installation. Over the length three coats of cement stucco is applied. The first coat is called the scratch coat is directly applied over the lath material which is 3/8 inches thick and its raked with a tool with the ⅛ deep grooves. 

The next layer is called brown coat which is applied with ¾ inches thickness. The last coat or exterior coat is of ⅛ inches thick and is often colored to your desired color.

Cement Stucco Repair

Cement stucco may get damaged due to extensive contact with water during leakage for poor drainage problems. They may crack like hairline cracks, have raised surfaces or flake overtime due to poor installation.

We provide complete stucco repair for cement stucco which includes washing and scrubbing away the existing damaged layer of stucco and re-applying fresh good quality cement stucco over your walls.

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